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Your Fort Wayne dentists, Dr. Diehl, Dr. Feasel, and Dr. Ghori at Dupont Family Dentistry are proud to offer a comprehensive list of dental services and treatments, and the latest in modern, cutting edge dental technology. Whether your youngest needs their first cavity filled, your teen needs braces, or you’re looking to replace missing teeth or stabilize dentures, Dupont Family Dentistry has a solution for every generation.

General & Family Dentistry

Prevention is the Key to Wellness

Preventive care with a diligent oral hygiene routine helps keep your teeth healthy, fighting off tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious problems. Tooth-colored fillings can repair and strengthen cavities, while mercury filling removal takes old metal amalgam fillings out of the mouth so they can be replaced with more aesthetically pleasing tooth-colored ones. Dupont Family Dentistry can also treat your TMJ and headaches, sleep apnea and snoring. We even have sedation options for a little extra peace of mind. Call us for details!

Restorative Dentistry

Missing & Broken Teeth

When compromised or missing teeth need repair or even replacement, restorative dentistry procedures can save the day. We can do full restorative and reconstructive services in our office—from crowns, dentures and bridges to implants, root canals and extractions, with years of successful results under our belts. Dupont Family Dentistry has the skills, training and technology to make your teeth stronger and more functional for years to come.

Smile Enhancement

Prevention is the Key to Wellness

Do you want your teeth whiter? Straighter? Do want to change the appearance of your gums? Teeth whitening, veneers and gum contouring are all possibilities for these cosmetic concerns. If you or your child need straighter teeth, we offer traditional orthodontics and SureSwim™.

With the latest in dental treatments, technologies, and team training, we provide a wide range of dental services for the entire family. We offer general and family dentistrycosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, implant services and much more. If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, please feel free to give us a call at (260) 209-1550schedule an appointment online, or stop by the office!

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