Digital Dentures

The newest way to create dentures!

For many, dentures can feel like a constant source of anxiety. You can’t chew well. You don’t know when they are randomly going to dislodge or worse yet, fall out. Will it happen at dinner, with your friends or grandkids? You have constant sore spots. They don’t look natural. They don’t feel normal. They don’t inspire confidence.

Let’s face it; your current dentures are old and worn out, and you’re overdue for a new set of replacement dentures. It’s now time for that replacement set. Today is the day.

But who feels like Googling “affordable dentures near me,” to decipher the “best deal” in your area for traditional dentures that might fit after your 12th or 13th visit to the dentist? Will that national chain and corporate dentist provide the best? Will they stand behind their work?

Introducing Digital Dentures

Here’s what our patients are saying about the digital denture process.

You deserve the best modern technology can provide!

And you deserve a trusted name in dentistry who is invested in the Fort Wayne community. Someone who will stand behind their work. Who will be there for you when needed.

When you begin thinking of getting a new set of replacement dentures; what crosses your mind?
Does your mind start spinning with thoughts like:

  • How much will these dentures cost?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Will I be embarrassed, judged or ashamed going to the office?
  • Do I have to do messy impressions again?
  • Will the process hurt? If so, how much?
  • Will the dentures fit properly or better?
  • Will the dentist stand behind their work?
  • Will I be happy?
  • Will I like my new smile?

These are all very common concerns that most people have when they think about replacing their dentures. At Dupont Family Dentistry, we understand how you feel. That’s why we developed a new solution that addresses all of these concerns. Plus! We have an office full of highly trained staff who are here to care and support you as you go through this process.

Our new digital denture process combines the best of modern 3D imaging camera technology and CAD/CAM software with the unique skills and talents of dental-lab technicians with 30 to 40 years of professional experience. They are true artists.

When we combine all of these processes, we create you a personalized, beautiful new smile that will fit and function like you deserve.

WOWO Radio Host Kayla Blakeslee


WOWO Radio Host Kayla Blakeslee


Listen to WOWO Radio Host Kayla Blakeslee
as she gives a shout out to Dr. Dave Diehl and Digital Dentures.

Here’s What You Can Expect With Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures and Lifelike Digital Dentures.
Includes every diagnostic appointment, X-ray images, and 4 follow up post delivery appointments*. We also have many financing options for you if needed.

*For any adjustments needed

It will take us 2-4 visits to create your new dentures.
Each of those appointments will be around an hour. Challenging cases or cases without existing denture may take more.

You will have your new denture in 4-6 weeks.

Using digital impressions and 3D printing technology, we can provide a superior level of accuracy and precision for the fit of the denture. This means you can have a denture that fits well, looks great and functions effectively, without multiple appointments and fittings.

The main advantage of digital dentures is that the fit is outstanding. The 3D scanning technology makes this possible. This is a stark contrast to traditional dentures, which are often a gamble, with the actual fit unknown until the final delivery appointment. Digital dentures provide a level of predictability, durability and consistency that is simply not possible with traditional methods. And we can determine the quality of fit on the very first visit, not the last. This is one of the most exciting aspects of this technology. From a dentist’s perspective, this is huge!

“OK, so a digitally produced denture fits well, but how does it look?” you ask.

When we combine digital dentures with the hand-crafted artistry of our dental lab, your smile can look so close to natural teeth that you may not even notice that you’re wearing dentures.

At Dupont Family Dentistry, we take your digital impression, print a ideal denture with our 3D printer to verify the fit. Then we electronically send all of that digital information to some of the best dental lab technicians in the country. With their 30 to 40 years of individual experience, they then hand fabricate the most amazing lifelike dentures possible.

Another benefit of digital dentures is the speed and efficiency of the process. With traditional dentures, it would take several appointments across 8 to 10 weeks to complete. However, with digital dentures, the process can be completed in a fraction of the time, reducing the overall time commitment for you. This is particularly important if you have limited mobility, or if getting to the dental practice is difficult.

Three Steps Toward Getting The Best Dentures Ever

It’s easy to get your smile back with the best-fitting dentures you’ve ever had:

1. Schedule a welcome visit.
At your first visit with Dupont Family Dentistry, our team will listen to you, understand your goals. We will take a 3D image of your mouth and head to give us a better understanding of your dental health. We will listen to you and get to know your goals. We will cover all financing options as well. From there we will schedule you back for your next appointment to get started on your path to new dentures.

2. Take a Digital Impression
This is how we get the best fit for your dentures. We take a careful digital scan of your entire mouth to ensure your dentures fit great and feel better than any previous set of dentures you’ve ever had. Tell us what you liked about your last set of dentures. Tell us what you thought could have been better, as well. We will discuss all of your options, and answer any questions you might have. We want to know all of your concerns. Your expectations will be met every step of the way, and we will explain the process as we go along.
If this is your first time getting dentures the process will be a little different.

3. Let Us Take Care of the Rest
Imagine how you will feel when you can chew your food without the fear or embarrassment of your dentures dislodging. Imagine what your smile will look like.

Think of all the time and money you’ll save when you don’t have to return to the dentist over and over because your new dentures fit perfectly the first time.

Digital dentures are a true game changer in the field of denture fabrication. With precise fit, speed, and efficiency, they offer a level of comfort and convenience that traditional dentures simply cannot match.

From scanning to printing, to putting on the artistic finishing touches, the only things you’ll need to do are try on your new dentures, and then smile all the way home. Imagine what that would be like! Imagine what that would feel like!

There’s never been a better time to replace your dentures than now. And the caring and friendly team at Dupont Family Dentistry cannot wait to give you the smile – and great-fitting dentures – you’ve always deserved.

Don’t wait until your dentures break, fall out again, or you can’t handle the sores anymore. It’s time to get the best dentures you’ve ever had. Call us today.


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