Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth

Same Day Crowns

With advances in modern technology, your Fort Wayne dentist at Dupont Family Dentistry is now able to create and fit a dental crown in a single appointment. Gone are the days of lengthy visits and return appointments. In less than 20 minutes, a precise, durable, color-matched, metal-free crown is completed and secured, requiring no return visit – so you’re free to get back to your busy schedule and the things that matter most.

Dental Bridges

If you are a Fort Wayne resident suffering from a missing tooth or teeth, Dr. Diehl at Dupont Family Dentistry has a solid solution for you. Getting your smile back to its beautiful form and function is our top priority, because missing teeth not only has an impact on the aesthetic appearance of your smile, but can be quite detrimental to your oral and overall health.

Dental Implants

Your smile is one of the primary indicators of health and vitality. What is your smile saying about you? If you are missing a tooth, multiple teeth, or suffer from damage or decay, it’s probably not sending the message you want it to, and it’s probably accompanied by anxiety and embarrassment. Our compassionate team here at Dupont Family Dentistry understands, and we have a solution for you with dental implants.

If you are suffering from a broken tooth or teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Diehl, your Fort Wayne dentist at Dupont Family Dentistry today to find out what we can do for you.

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